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4 - 10 March - Climate and Sustainable Future - A Brief Intervention Series








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Please note that these 30 minute sessions are daily from 4 – 10 March – at various times.

Jan Brause together with Lorenza Clifford from the Association for Coaching Discovery team, will be starting a series of Brief Encounters about Supervision in the Climate and Sustainable Future Coaching space, which follows from the Joint Global Statement. The series is free and the timings are different each day to encourage Global Participation.

7am on 4 March, 9am on 5 March, 11am on 6 March, 1pm on 7 March, 3pm on 8 March, 5pm on 9 March and 7pm on 10 March – all UK time.

Each Brief Encounter will allow you to begin from where you are now and through a frame a day, over 7 days of short, purposeful input and conversation, you can inspire, reflect and perhaps create small important shifts in your practice.

Join us for one 30 minute Brief Encounter, or as many as you can find time for over the week. More details and booking are from the Events and Groups page of the AOCS website link below: ALL are welcome.

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