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Meryl Gilbert

Leadership Coach · Career Coach · Executive Coach

London & South East

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About me

Leadership Coach - London & South East

I am a certified and accredited professional coach, leadership trainer and certified MBTI Step I & II Practitioner with a corporate leadership background in the financial and automotive sectors spanning some 30 years.

Personal experience bought me to the place I am in now. My very own lightbulb moment created by a fantastic question, asked by a fantastic coach helped me to change my career landscape. I am forever grateful that I was fortunate enough to experience the power of coaching when I needed it most.

Thinking Environment
This experience left me with a passion for learning & development and was instrumental in the decision to develop new personal goals and plans that ultimately after 5 years of study (alongside the day job) bought me to where I am today - working with organisations and the people within those companies (The RAC, Hitachi Capital, Covea Insurance Fiat Chrysler and many more) to be the very best that they can be.

My Supervisor tells me that I have a natural coaching style, with an ability to ask straightforward curious questions, that cut to the chase. My clients tell me that I am warm, supportive and challenging and ask the type of question that you may initially hate, but will grow to want more of, because they create the right kind of thinking environment.

Degree in Psychology
My greatest accomplishment was completing an Open University degree in Psychology, whilst studying for an EMCC Diploma in Coaching, working full time, and passing both whilst still delivering all I had to deliver in the other areas of my life - phew!

The outlook in my world is hugely positive. Like everyone I run into difficulties, but I believe that there is always a way to move forward.

"How incredibly lucky am I" - its my daily message to myself, and I truly am. I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life. For living in a part of the world that enables me to go to bed under a roof with food in my belly and without fear of real danger.I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have had over the years to stretch, grow and develop as a person, and I am grateful for doing the job that I do that never ever feels like a job.

Finally, I am married to my best friend Rob, we live in Kent and have two very pesky black dogs - Ollie and Robbie and we wouldn't be without them (well I wouldn't - sometimes not so sure about Rob!!)
Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC - Accredited Practitioner


EMCC EQA Certified and EIA Accredited Professional CoachMBTI Certified Practitioner Step I & Step II

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Having completed 10 months of coaching with Meryl this year I found it to be hugely beneficial in terms of helping me to get to the root cause of challenges, add clarity to what I’m trying to achieve and understand the impact my approach may have on others. I’ve also been able to use this as a great example of what good coaching looks like to try and implement myself. One of the most surprising moments was a Friday afternoon session when I was in wind-down mode at the end of the week, but I left with a sense of renewed energy because I had reminded myself of all the things I wanted to achieve and why. Thanks Meryl. C.V.


I can’t thank Meryl enough for her support and for facilitating my coaching whilst at Covéa – she has provided me with some great tools to help build my confidence for which I’m very grateful. I would strongly recommend Meryl, she’s incredibly personable, really took the time to get to know me, understand my needs and asked thought provoking questions that enabled me to reflect and move forward! Thank you Meryl! M.T.


I have known Meryl for a number of years now and have engaged her both professionally and personally. To help me deliver on the strategic role of an HRD and move from a role with an operational focus, Meryl has coached me to understand the differences and modify my approach. She has challenged me many times and always leaves me with a lot to think about! Meryl also ran a Leadership development workshop for our Exec team, which included providing an MBTI assessment. The overall objectives we set ourselves for the workshop were all met and we left with a much deeper understanding of our team dynamic and the part we play. Meryl is an engaging facilitator and added value and insight throughout. NB

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    Career Direction Confidence Conflict Decision Making Difficult Conversations Emotional Intelligence Employee Engagement Leadership Managing Change Personality Profiling
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