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Geetha Ramachandran

Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach


Specialist areas:
Leadership, Managing Change, New Role, Personal Impact, Personality Profiling, Resilience, Stakeholder, Strategy, Team Coaching, Transition
5 / 5
7 years of coaching
Face to Face, Telephone, Video Conference
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

AC - Accredited Professional Executive Coach

About me

Executive Coach - London

Geetha is an award-winning Executive and Leadership Coach accredited with the International Coaching Federation. She has worked for 20+ years across Europe, North America and Asia, receiving awards at multiple organisations for transformation, job excellence and making a difference.

If you are a senior leader or manager wanting to increase your resilience, confidence, improve your personal brand or create high performance teams, working with Geetha as a Coach will enable you to achieve this transformation. Whether you are an experienced leader or new to leadership roles, Geetha can help you become a leader with powerful impact.

Geetha is the Founder and Director of Powerfully Human Coaching & Consultancy Ltd. She was first drawn to coaching in 2010 when exploring people dynamics behind creating high performance teams. She then explored leadership and what it takes to become a great leader. She trained as an Agile coach with Scrum Alliance, became a certified Change Management practitioner with APMG International and a Professional Coach with Barefoot Coaching UK, in their post-graduate program in Personal and Business Coaching. Geetha is also a certified Leadership Coach at The Leadership Circle (TLC).

Geetha’s coaching approach is that the Coachee innately knows what to do, and helps them uncover this through powerful coaching techniques.

Geetha’s passion is to work with senior leaders and leadership teams as it creates a ripple effect. She also does cultural integration work during mergers and team integrations. She received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100 for a 6-month leadership coaching program at a global corporate in 2020. She received the “Telegraph Woman of the Year” award in 2018 and “Made a Difference” award at Acumen Commercial Insights in 2014 for her work as a coach.

Further recommendations
“Geetha’s skill at identifying where the problem lies and coaching the team or individuals to move them forward is great to watch. If you believe in change and need a coach, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Geetha.” – Carol Johnson, IT Director, The Telegraph

“Geetha was with us for nearly a year and in that time she applied her tremendous energy and enthusiasm to embed a raft of great practices and techniques that increased the velocity, efficiency and job satisfaction of the teams.” – Matt Wills, Founder & Chief Product Officer, Acumen Commercial Insights

“Geetha is a high performer with great tenacity and a strong sense of duty and responsibility. She achieves excellent results even when the going gets tough.” – Christian Onselaere, Chairman, ADB Safegate

“From the sessions, I have been able to grow in self-confidence which is an area that I have always felt a struggle. I’ve been able to appreciate how and where I add value and look at things from a different and more positive perspective. Rather than just tell me what I needed to do, Geetha was great at allowing me open up about my struggles and to find ways to solve it all myself with clever guidance.”– Natalie Weatherer, Buyer Account Manager, ILTM Luxury Portfolio

Geetha lives in London with her 2 teenage daughters. She likes to explore different cultures through travelling and spend time with family. She enjoys coaching people who have a passion to grow.

Professional Body

International Coach Federation


* Post-graduate Personal & Business Coaching, ICF

* Leadership Circle Profile Practitioner, TLC

* Agile Coach, IC Agile

* Change Management Practitioner, APMG International

* Additional Training in Transactional Analysis, Psychology, Organisational Relationship Systems & Coaching Constellations.

Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

My heartfelt thanks to Geetha for the three sessions. She is a lovely, inspiring and intuitive person. I felt that she really understood, unpicked and reframed things that I am grappling with at work, giving me the chance to approach them differently and more positively. I am very grateful for that and hope to do justice to the time and ideas that Geetha has shared with me.

5 / 5 ★

Coaching with Geetha has truly been a life changing experience. This journey over 6 sessions took courage. Geetha’s approach goes way beyond the usual “personal improvement” techniques, by helping you to circumvent your own psychological defences and probe much deeper. She is able to facilitate this introspection through her serene manner; gently building trust, patiently listening, never telling or judging. Paul Beckford, Software Consultant, ClearScore

5 / 5 ★

I had recently taken on a larger team whose employee NPS was at minus 60. As a result of my skills opened up through coaching, my team’s most recent eNPS was plus 58, a growth of 118 points which has been an amazing turnaround. I can wholeheartedly recommend embarking on Transformation Coaching with Geetha.

5 / 5 ★

The sessions were very engaging and I really liked the honest feedback from Geetha during our sessions. Any dilemma I had in my head, I have been able to explore it openly and discussing it with examples has greatly helped. It has also been valuable to receive post-session notes and reading material that I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from. Geetha has a great capacity to listen and understand in a way that empowers you but does not hesitate to challenge if you are at any time blind-sided by the stories or beliefs you carry within yourself.

5 / 5 ★

I was positively impressed with how much difference a few sessions of coaching with Geetha did. Sometimes the solution is closer than we think, all we need is the guidance of a good coach to help us see it. Geetha is very knowledgeable and her coaching helped me to change my mindset around situations. With tools and techniques that help become aware of our thoughts and emotional process, the coaching helped me at work and even more in my private life, when handling challenging personalities. I strongly recommend Geetha to anyone that has ambition to improve their relationship with themselves and others as well as achieve objectives in life.

5 / 5 ★

Geetha is a fabulous coach. She always knows how to identify triggers and always knows what tools are best suited to help you better yourself.

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