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Geetha Ramachandran

Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach


Specialist areas:
Leadership, Managing Change, New Role, Personal Impact, Personality Profiling, Resilience, Stakeholder, Strategy, Team Coaching, Transition
5 / 5
7 years of coaching
Face to Face, Telephone, Video Conference
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

AC - Accredited Professional Executive Coach

About me

Executive Coach - London

Geetha is an Executive and Leadership Coach, accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is the founder and director of Powerfully Human Coaching & Consultancy Ltd.

If you are a leader or manager, Geetha can help you in areas like Leadership Skills, Confidence, Communication, Vision and Presence. In addition to individual skills, Geetha can also help you succeed in collective leadership and creating motivated teams.

Geetha works with senior leaders (senior execs, execs, vice presidents, directors, head of departments and managers) both experienced and new to leadership roles.

As your Coach, Geetha believes that you innately know what to do, and helps you uncover that through coaching techniques. This can have a powerful long-term effect. By providing a safe space to grow both personally and professionally, Geetha helps you achieve authentic leadership.

As a Transformation Coach, she takes an inside- out approach to coaching, where your beliefs, narratives and values have an important role to play in achieving exponential success with your goals. Creating better self-awareness, awareness of others and relationships with others are a few side benefits of this approach.

As a Coachee, you are in the driving seat and are self-empowered on how you want to progress and which goals to focus on.

Geetha has 20+ years’ experience working within organisations and held senior management positions before specialising as a Coach. She trained with Barefoot Coaching UK in their post-graduate program in Personal & Business Coaching and has had additional training in Systemic Constellations, Organisational Relationship Systems, Transactional Analysis and Psychology.

As a qualified “Leadership Circle Profile” practitioner (a 360 profile instrument for senior leaders), Geetha can help you gauge your leadership effectiveness, relationship-task balance, creative-reactive tendencies and your leadership potential utilisation on a global percentile score with other leaders. She is also a Change Management and Agile Practitioner.

* 2020 Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100 for leadership coaching.
* 2018 “Telegraph Woman of the Year” award.
* 2014 “Made a Difference” award at Acumen Commercial Insights, UK.
*Siemens and Bell Northern Research “Job Excellence” award.

Professional Body

International Coach Federation


* Post-graduate Personal & Business Coaching, ICF

* Leadership Circle Profile Practitioner, TLC

* Agile Coach, IC Agile

* Change Management Practitioner, APMG International

* Additional Training in Transactional Analysis, Psychology, Organisational Relationship Systems & Coaching Constellations.

Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

The sessions were very engaging and I really liked the honest feedback from Geetha during our sessions. Any dilemma I had in my head, I have been able to explore it openly and discussing it with examples has greatly helped. It has also been valuable to receive post-session notes and reading material that I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from. Geetha has a great capacity to listen and understand in a way that empowers you but does not hesitate to challenge if you are at any time blind-sided by the stories or beliefs you carry within yourself.

5 / 5 ★

I was positively impressed with how much difference a few sessions of coaching with Geetha did. Sometimes the solution is closer than we think, all we need is the guidance of a good coach to help us see it. Geetha is very knowledgeable and her coaching helped me to change my mindset around situations. With tools and techniques that help become aware of our thoughts and emotional process, the coaching helped me at work and even more in my private life, when handling challenging personalities. I strongly recommend Geetha to anyone that has ambition to improve their relationship with themselves and others as well as achieve objectives in life.

5 / 5 ★

Geetha is a fabulous coach. She always knows how to identify triggers and always knows what tools are best suited to help you better yourself.

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