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Henrietta Bond

Leadership Coach · Executive Coach · Performance Coach

Leeds, Halifax & Manchester

United Kingdom

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About me

Leadership Coach - Leeds, Halifax & Manchester

I am a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) drawing on 30 years in communications consultancy, training and crisis management. As an experienced coach working around the world and across cultures, I recognise the importance of respecting and working with different approaches and values.

From preparing CEOs for hostile television interviews to supporting managers to handle challenging staff, I have extensive experience of helping people to create effective communication and build resilient relationships.

Clients come to me for professional development around challenges such as:

* Communicating with maximum impact to persuade and influence others, while maintaining collaboration and building relationships

* Managing conflict and challenging situations. Having difficult conversations which achieve their objectives without creating enemies

* Discovering how to truly listen and provide responses which make staff feel heard, valued and supported

* Motivating and inspiring their teams with authenticity and real understanding of individual needs and potential.

My experience

My clients come from international corporations as well as SMEs/SMBs, including marketing, sales, media and PR, law, engineering and construction, manufacturing, food production, the field of arts and entertainment, government departments and NGOs.

I have a track record of working with new and experienced managers, especially those in the communications industry or wanting to improve their communication skills. Clients tell me that our coaching work together has helped them to:

* Motivate and empower individuals
* Deliver effective messages
* Manage conflict and challenging situations
* Draw out the highest potential of their teams.

You can read more comments from clients in my Review section below. Find out more about me on my Linked In profile and or by visiting my website

Book a call with me for a no obligation conversation to work out whether I am the right coach to help you fully identify and develop your potential. Or if you prefer, email, call 07976 658345 or use the Send a Message button.
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International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach


Neuroscience for Coaches – ICF, 2021Coaching Diversity and NeuroDiversity – ICF, 2021Certificate in Relationship CoachingPositive Psychology for Coaches and Therapists, Horizon Coaching, 2020 TA202 Masterclass, The Dynamics of Professional Relationships and Mirrors to the Self -Coaching Development, 2018Coaching Masterclass – Establishing the Coaching Agreement, ICF, 2017Coaching Masterclass - Deepening Coaching Skills – Creating Awareness, ICF, 2015 Challenging Coaching, LeaderShape 2013 Working with the Body in Coaching, ICF 2013Relationship coaching (in the workplace) – Coaching Development 2016 Mindfulness for Coaches – Coaching Development 2008 Coaching and the interface with therapy – Coaching Development 2008Diploma in Coaching, ACTP, Coaching Development – Part I (Professional Coaching Skills) 2007 and Part II (Mastery) 2013

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When I started working with Henrietta 18 months ago, I had a new leadership position in my organization. Although I had been the clear choice for the role and was clearly qualified, the day-to-day of the new position left me feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, and unsure of myself in every way. I felt out of my depth. Henrietta become my lifeline during those first 9 months: a confidante and coach who helped me to re-examine my leadership style in light of the new situation, prepare for important developments in the team, and -- most importantly – build my confidence again. Henrietta listened intently to what I was saying, asked key questions that placed the issue at hand in perspective, and gave me space to “think aloud” and work things out for myself. 18 months later, my team is in a great place and successful, and Henrietta and I are still a close team. She knows me and my leadership situation, so can jump straight into the issues and situations that I need to work on in our ongoing sessions; it feels like a constant dialogue. Henrietta is a terrific coach, a strong person to have on your side, and can help bring out the best in a leader. I can highly recommend working with her.


I've been having coaching sessions with Henrietta for some time now, and can only recommend her. Her experience as a coach and a successful professional helped me in some challenging times at work, and supported me in my efforts to improve my behavioural skills. - GL


As a result of working with Henrietta, I have passed my probation period, and have never been happier! Finally in a role I can see myself in for years, I have my own caseload, lots of lovely clients, a supportive and friendly boss. I'm loving what I do not just again, but also for the first time, as I'm getting to do it my way and people at work are recognising that I'm doing a good job, which is building my confidence again. I honestly couldn't have done it without Henrietta’s coaching, as it took a massive leap of faith and learning to trust my gut again. So thank you Henrietta, and at present I can confirm I'm not in need of further coaching for the time being as I feel about 100 times better and like myself again :) Olivia.


I started working with Henrietta in order to prepare for the next step in my career into people management. At this point I felt that I didn't have the necessary skills or personality to succeed in such a role, but over the 3 months we worked together Henrietta was able to allay my fears by helping me to focus on where my strengths lie and how these could be used to become an effective team lead. I was able to build my confidence throughout the process, and I now have a much better understanding of myself and a plan of how to be a success in my new role. I would definitely recommend Henrietta as a coach for anybody who is currently leading a team or otherwise looking to progress into a leadership role, as well as for those who would like to gain an understanding of how their strengths can be channelled to benefit their career. AC - Senior Online Marketing Manager


I worked with Henrietta for 6 months early on in my new position (VP, leading LoB). We have systematically worked through my areas of concern and areas where I considered that I need help. I feel so much more confident now and working with her was of enormous value to me. Vladislav.


Henrietta is an excellent, thought-provoking coach. We worked together for six months as part of a coaching program at my company. I really valued her ability to cover so many topics modern leaders need to deal with, her experience and straight-forward style. I found it very well suited also senior leaders and executives who need a place to discuss about how things really are, and how to effect meaningful change. (VP, Manufacturing Industry).


I met Henrietta at such a critical moment in my life, not just career. She helped me rediscover my own self worth which was a huge confidence booster both, at work and personal life. In our meetings, I was able to express myself freely and with absolute honesty, thanks to that atmosphere of trust between us, which obviously meant I took away 100% from each of our sessions. Thank you!


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