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Coach Supervisor Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Jon Webb

Jon Webb

Leadership Coach, Coach Supervisor, Executive Coach

Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield

Specialist areas:
Assertiveness, Communication, Confidence, Delegation, Difficult Conversations, Leadership, Managing Change, Managing Emotions, Motivation, Personal Impact, Problem Solving, Team Development, Work/Life balance, TILM Member Offer
5 / 5
14 years of coaching
Face to Face, Telephone
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

ICF - Individual Member

About me

Executive Coach Derby, Nottingham & Sheffield

Jon has been coaching for over 14 years, working with Directors, Managers, and teams who are progressing from Manager to Directorship or going through significant changes. Jon facilitates the progression of their competence to another level to become leaders in their field, or when they are at a sticking point and uncertain how to progress themselves or their team. Based in Derbyshire, Jon covers the East Midlands, London and international regions, including Europe and the US.

Passion and integrity

Clients appreciate being able to discuss sensitive issues in confidence and build on open and frank discussions. His passion, integrity and bucket loads of enthusiasm compliment his uncomplicated philosophy of excellent people development.

As a coach supervisor he works alongside coaches to develop their professionalism and work through challenging coaching situations. Jon works along-side clients creating an ambience in which deep thinking and questioning takes place to understand the core obstacles a person has and to create long term growth both as a professional and human being.

“I came into the supervision session positive but seeking affirmation that I am on the right lines at this early stage of my coaching. I left feeling motivated, encouraged and ready to experiment more in my coaching, not simply playing safe.” (Strategy Consultant/NED)

Client challenges

Some of the challenges clients face include going through significant changes, forming new teams, developing confidence in new roles, experiencing difficult situations, or looking at different ways of approaching situations.

“I was suffering from low self-esteem and greatly reduced self-confidence. Jon helped and guided me through a process which ultimately led me to re-assess my values and approach to life in general.” (Marketing Executive)

Jon’s operational managerial experience with over 14 years leadership coaching experience ensures a pragmatic approach to coaching and coaching supervision.

There is always a clear sense of purpose and focus on outcomes during any coaching and supervision assignments. The outcomes frequently end differently than originally intended and more positively, through deep conversations including personal journeys taken.

Clear sense of purpose

He unravels confused, ‘cloudy’ thoughts enabling clients to have a clear sense of purpose and clarity of values. This provides an inner confidence, energy, and drive.

With over 28 years of running a business Jon has considerable experience working with multi-national and small organisations in the public and private sector. Sectors have included defence, health trust, hospitality, law, property management, petrochemical research, and recycling.

Jon has extensive experience coaching individuals and teams and supervising coaches. He has a PG Cert. in Personal and Business Coaching and PG Cert. in Coaching Supervision. He is an MBTI Step II licensed operator and was accredited Business Coach with East Midlands Development Agency. He is a member of the International Coaching Federation, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, and Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality.

To find out more about Jon, please visit his website or his LinkedIn profile. Call Jon to discuss your challenges on +44 (0)7967 040531 or email him at

Professional Body

International Coach Federation


Post Graduate in Business and Personal Coaching
Post Graduate in Coaching Supervision

Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

Jon is a high quality leadership coach. His career experience, coaching talent and dedication to regular CPD combined with his mental agility, sensitivity, curiosity and genuine desire to support his client’s goals, makes him a formidable resource. I have very much benefited from having Jon has part of my co-coaching and Supervision network for 7+ years. His ability and timing for asking penetrating questions has been catalytic for me. His patience, diligence and recall has also been a real asset. It has helped me immensely with reflecting; especially in unpicking repeating patterns and exploring events more deeply. Overall working with Jon has been stimulating, enjoyable and extremely worthwhile.

5 / 5 ★

I met Jon some 20 years ago and since then he has been an integral part of my management vision for the teams that I have been part of. During that time every one of those teams has been successful and throughout that time he has been instrumental in my own personal development and success. He is without doubt a trusted adviser for me and any member of the team and his wise words and guidance can always be relied upon. DL, General Manager

5 / 5 ★

Jon has tirelessly supported, encouraged and guided me for the past 25 years, through the various roles through my career. He has always been there for me no matter what, focussing me through the highs and cheering me through the lows. Having someone in your professional life who consistently believes in you 100%, is the ultimate blessing that everyone should enjoy. My success through to today, comes with profound gratitude to Jon! Peter Merrett, International Speaker and Founder The House of Wonderful

5 / 5 ★

I still remember the kindness, love and patience in which Mr Webb treated me when we he first started coaching me. I was a recently promoted manager, going from middle to senior leadership role and all I can say is that without Jon's support it would have been very challenging to go through the transition. Thanks to Jon´s coaching style and guidance I grew tremendously both, on a professional and personal levels. I improved my relationship, communication, financial acumen, confidence to name a few areas. I will always be grateful to him. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!

5 / 5 ★

I had to make a new management team gel quickly and effectively. Webb Development helped my new board hit the ground running and deliver significant business results faster than I could have hoped. In a different context, I have worked with Jon as a supervisor for my own coaching practice. He encouraged my desire to write things down by 'enabling' me to take notes during our session, something I largely avoid when I am coaching myself, as I think it gets in the way. That permission was helpful. I always came in to the supervisory sessions positive but seeking affirmation that I am on the right lines throughout the development of my coaching practice. I leave feeling motivated, encouraged and ready to experiment more in my coaching, not simply playing safe. Jon is a very adept supervisory coach who is always keen to maintain current knowledge and best practice. I've been working with Jon recently on group supervision for coaching, at which his expertise is clearly evident. He is brilliant at creating an ambience in which deep thinking and questioning can take place. This is an essential pre-requisite to really good coaching and supervision and I have benefited a lot from Jon's skill in this area. I would never hesitate to cross-refer Jon when the opportunity arose. Stephen Oliver, Managing Director, TrigPoint Coaching and Development Ltd.

5 / 5 ★

I first met Jon in 2011 when my then line manager arranged for some coaching for me. I am incredibly grateful that he did, and that he chose Jon as my coach! At the time, I was a Soft Services Manager for an outsourced Facilities Management provider. Jon encouraged me (with initial input from my manager) to talk through in open conversation where I felt my areas for development were, how I felt I was perceived by key stakeholders and what I could do to further enhance my ability to upwardly progress my career in Facilities Management. The thing that struck me about Jon even from our first session was his ability to draw out of me a level of self reflection that I had previously not utilised, and to recognise that I actually had demonstrable skills already. Over a number of sessions, Jon and I worked on my behaviours and perceived image as a rising executive and I found it incredibly helpful. Thanks in no small part to Jon, I progressed through my career to leading EMEA wide, complex accounts and now hold a position as Head of FM. Even after 7 years, Jon and I still meet for a coffee - his interest in my career and how I am using the skills he taught me really make him stand out. Highly recommended!

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