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Leadership Coach Cambridgeshire, London & the South East, Alastair Kidd

Alastair Kidd

Leadership Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach

Cambridgeshire, London and South East

Specialist areas:
Career Direction, Difficult Conversations, Effective Meetings, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Managing Change, Team Development
5 / 5
12 years of coaching
Face to Face, Telephone, Video Conference
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

AC - Accredited Executive Coach

About me

Leadership Coach - Cambridge, London & South East

Alastair works with executives and leaders, groups, teams and organisations. Typically engaged at inflection points of challenge and opportunity, change and transition, or having to make sense from ambiguity, complexity, stuck-ness, entanglement. Many seek him out as they look to map and navigate an adaptive or step change, or a liminal period of uncertainty and confusion between what was and what is to come.

Clients value being sponsored, encouraged and challenged. They appreciate the insight he promotes and provides, the edge with safety, expanding possibilities and worldview. With many clients holding a re-forming or transforming agenda, Alastair mostly works with those seeking to grow the capacity of their leadership, of themselves, and of their organisation’s leadership.

Engaging in change

Coming alongside as a good and gritty companion for your journey, the benefits of working with Alastair are often long lasting, reflecting a deep connection at the heart of his work. You move on knowing your next steps and acting from a deeper sense of who you are, engaging in change as a means of growth and achievement.

Over 10 years leadership coaching experience

With over 10 years’ leadership coaching experience, Alastair works from a position of curiosity, often an inspiration and catalyst. He brings a rich set of personal and diverse corporate experiences to clients. With attention on their agenda and outcomes, he supports leaders to achieve the success they desire: building new pathways of performance, awareness, resilience, authenticity. His style is collaborative, down to earth, straight forward, stimulating and productive. His focus is on exploration, purpose, potential, clarity, cohesion, mastery.
As a facilitator, working actively with live client content, people say he brings grounding, mastery and safety. Many situations deal with seeming dysfunction, complex change, system complexity and ambiguity. He creates safety and the conditions for engagement; where collective intelligences can be harnessed and leadership can emerge; action, solutions and successful outcomes can be found.

Transformational change

Alastair is known for his commercial awareness, sense of purpose, integrity, and ability to build and maintain effective relationships at many levels. Previously he spent over 25 years in a variety of technical and leadership roles, globally and in the UK, where he was recognised for his outstanding planning and execution skills, ability to build businesses, produce results and transformational change at strategic and operational levels.
Alastair’s own developmental journey brought him to a point of realisation of purpose – to work with others to become aware of their full potential, and to navigate a course towards making that a reality. Encouraging clients’ development, he has an enthusiasm for discovery and learning. Interests include individual and organisational growth, and emergent group work for complex and systemic challenges

Over 4,500 hours coaching experience

He is a fully accredited executive coach with over 4,500 hours coaching experience, and is trained in a variety of coaching models, facilitation techniques, systemic interventions, organisation and relationship coaching, psychological and behaviour models, leadership and change approaches.

Based in Ely, covering Cambridgeshire, London and the South East - call Alastair to discuss your leadership challenges on 07879 491 751, or send him a message to book in a call.

Professional Body

Association for Coaching


NLP European Coach Certification (ICF certified).
Systemic Coaching and Constellations Practitioner.
ORSC Systems Intelligence / Roadmap for Change.

The Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner.
Lencioni Team Effectiveness - Five Behaviours / DiSC.
Group leadership dynamics and Advanced non-verbal communications (commendation).

BPS Level A/B certified: Emotional Intelligence, Hogan Development Survey, MRG Individual Directions.

The Art of Developmental Coaching.
Coaching Conversations at the Growing Edge.
The Hero’s Journey.

NLP Master Practitioner.
Transactional Analysis 101.

Theory-U and Presencing.
Circle Way participative leadership.

UK government DV security clearance (past).

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Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

Alastair is a wonderful coach, extremely perceptive and uses his strong emotional intelligence abilities to make sure you feel challenged in a positive and constructive way. A rare thing he is also prepared to give something of himself to you during his coaching sessions. I always felt we had a conversation of discovery and his generous spirit pointing me to books and articles on how to lead as myself rather than someone I thought I needed to be have made a profound difference both to me personally and in my professional career. Karen Robson - Head of Third Party Risk Management & Procurement Santander UK PLC

5 / 5 ★

I was fortunate enough to have worked with Alistair as part of 1-2-1 management sessions, as well as having him help facilitate several group workshops for our organisation. For the workshops, Alistair’s knowledge, patience and moments of inflection were invaluable. His approach to the sessions resulted in a group of executives, leaders and managers, all with varying agendas and focuses, unlocking a number of common goals and making sense of ambiguity that had hung over the company for some time. On a 1-2-1 level, I find Alistair to be insightful, understanding and with a high level of integrity that allows him to seamlessly be seen as a journey companion from the beginning, rather than someone simply leading you down a prescribed or predetermined path. I’ve often joked that Alistair has mastered ‘the dark art of unlocking the potential you already have but aren’t fully aware of’. He simply has a natural gift for encouraging and allowing those he works with to unearth realisations and epiphany moments you may never have unlocked yourself. It’s been a hugely worthwhile exercise working with Alistair, he’s an inspirational and trusted coach and I genuinely feel both my long-term career and personal wellbeing have been improved greatly as a result of my time with him. Thank you again Alistair.

5 / 5 ★

I worked with Alastair when I led a federation of primary and secondary schools in the UK. Over a four year period he provided invaluable challenge and support to leaders and governors in our efforts to bring about effective organisational change. Of particular value was Alastair’s skill in building trust between previously disparate groups of people by finding common ground and inviting all to have a stake and voice in change. One noteworthy outcome of his work with was the setting up of an active parent voice group which went on to play an important role in school improvement.

5 / 5 ★

Hi I am Tracey Forester, Director of a customer service centre in Care Quality Commission. Alastair kindly worked with me over a period of six months as my trusted coach. The sessions were always thought provoking and Alastair had a comforting style to really focus attention on the things that were important to me. Our sessions were backed up by testing these things out in the work place which helped me gain confidence in my role and put emphasis into my own self direction and personal development. I found Alastair focussed completely on me and not on theory. Interestingly Alastair helped me gain considerable understanding of my strengths and how best to use these whilst of course focussing on my development. I would recommend Alastair as a coach.

5 / 5 ★

Alastair is an inspirational coach who has integrity and quickly earns your trust. He has provided me with self belief and confidence to view difficult circumstances from a different perspective and understand how to overcome these whilst being mindful of relationships with others. As a result I have progressed in my career and as a person. I would highly recommend Alastair if you are in need of a professional coach with a sense of humour and the ability to help you find the right path. Rebecca Bain, Senior Manager, HSBC

5 / 5 ★

I have worked with Alastair across a 3 year period as a trusted coach. During this time he has helped me develop a clearer understanding of myself and the environment in which I operate from which I could then translate into a path of development. Through encouragement and providing a range of different perspectives I have been able to develop both personally and professionally in an authentic manner. Alastair has a wealth of experience from which to draw upon and is never phased by what he encounters. He is able to stretch people outside of their comfort zone and lead them on a journey of self realisation and sustainable improvement. 3 years on, I am a more confident and dynamic leader and Alastair has played a critical role in aiding this development. P.B. Director

5 / 5 ★

I've had four sessions with Alastair so far, starting in April 2017 – and they were greatly transformational! Alastair and I started working together as part of a programme facilitated by my employer to improve my leadership performance at work. Alastair understood my personal objectives and needs quickly in our initial phone conversation and offered himself as a trusted coach with some elements of a mentor. We worked towards my own wellbeing in the context of the organisational and management culture of my employer. We identified my strengths and weaknesses. We explored my work and personal relationships and histories and their interconnection through a range of different lenses. He helped me to reconnect with my authentic self, to release bottled up anger and to resolve long standing family conflicts. I feel that I’ve become more integrated, resourceful and positively assertive with increasing levels of self-esteem and self-trust as a result of my work with Alastair. And this transformation has impacted both my personal and work relationships tremendously and positively. Professionally, this has crystallised in stepping out of my learnt relationship with my employer and starting my career as an independent researcher and consultant in 2018. I’m extremely grateful to Alastair and would recommend him as a trusted coach: he is friendly, trustworthy, flexible and very effective. Laura Abramovsky (Senior Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies)

5 / 5 ★

Alastair is an excellent coach with a strong understanding of how business works and how the leadership and team dynamics effect the business outcomes. In particular, Alastair excels at team coaching and facilitation. The work he did with me and my Senior Leadership Team helped us understand each other a lot more and to work more effectively as a team. I strongly recommend Alastair for CEO and leadership team coaching and facilitation. Tony McGuire, CEO

5 / 5 ★

Wow, simply brilliant support when I really needed somebody to help guide me through many problems I faced. It may have been a few years ago, but the thoughts, the advice, the coaching has stayed with me and I continue to respect the insights that Alastair gave me. MPC, Company Owner

5 / 5 ★

My team and I have been working with Alastair for over 18 months now and unquestionably we have been more successful as a team and as individuals as a result of his help. He encourages exploration of yourself, your team and the system around you in way that throws new light on problems and more often than not can yield actionable insights. I have personally found discussions on systems thinking, envisioning the change you wish to create and objectifying situations very thought provoking and incredibly useful. He strikes a good balance between being helpful and being challenging and is excellent at flexing his style for different sessions and for the needs of the person he is talking to. Dave Chapman (digital transformation)

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