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Frances White, Executive Coach, Oxon, Berkshire, London

Frances White

Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Leadership Coach, Performance Coach

Oxon, Berkshire and London

Specialist areas:
Communication, Confidence, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Managing Change, New role, Personal Impact, Stakeholder Management, Team coaching, Team Development
5 / 5
25 years of coaching
Face to Face, Skype
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

APECS - Accredited Executive Coach

About me

Executive Coaching - Oxon, Berkshire, London

I have been a Coach and consultant in all things people, change and culture related for over 26 years, after an early career in PR, marketing, advertising and sales. For the past 18 years I have focused more on executive and team coaching, mostly Board level with dozens of blue chip organisations.

Relational approach

My approach is relational, helping individuals and teams to connect more deeply, balanced with a strong focus on key business drivers and issues -
* orchestrating organisational change
* leveraging markets and commercial drivers
* building talent development strategies
* innovating practical ways to address leadership and business challenges
* redefining processes and structures that support delivery
* facing and not obsessing about financial imperatives
* aligning operational factors and governance.

A good understanding and experience of these principles in action in organisations is as important as the psychology of how and why people do what they do.

Results achieved with clients include:

• getting large, multi-million pound adrift outsourced projects back on track
• facilitating Board and individuals’ strategic thinking in order to achieve business turnaround • enabling broader leadership communities to shift the business strategy, re-brand, achieve turnaround, deliver change
• enabling clients to achieve promotion and leadership growth
• enabling clients to change behaviours and communication style in order to achieve greater influence and engagement;
• keeping teams and individuals from ‘cracking’ under pressure
• enabling leaders to share a compelling vision to energise and focus the business;
• generating greater awareness and changed behaviours in relation to diversity and cultural change;
• helping to 'un-stick' teams that have become locked into unproductive behaviours

Coaching approach

Challenging thinking - facilitating new perspectives, enabling greater self-awareness and new options, reflecting on and reviewing strategies, considering alternative futures, communicating a compelling vision Stakeholder management - exploring and generating new ways of working with others that enables greater success and engagement.

In order to challenge myself in how I think about my work, I immersed myself in revisiting coaching psychology and organisational change models, achieving the unique Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching as well as getting accreditation as an Ashridge Master Coach.

I am also accredited in Transactional Analysis, MBTI Step II, Narrative Coaching, Team Coaching, and Systemic Constellations, an approach to exploring the connections and positions at play in organisations. I am trained in many, many other relevant theories, models and approaches to leadership, coaching, team, psychology, change and culture.

“Frances helped me during a role in which I undertook significant organisation and culture change. She was able to challenge my perceptions which in turn led to creative and effective interventions. Frances has expertise in the way teams and organisations function and brought that to bear so I could improve the way that the business was run.” Nikki Cole

You can find many more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile:

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Professional Body

Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision


Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching
Ashridge Accredited Coach
APECS Coach accreditation

Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

Frances has that rare and invaluable ability to quickly get to the source of any challenges and set out an effective and manageable blueprint for success. What I have really appreciated has been Frances' keen empathy- she takes great pains to really understand her clients, what makes them tick, and what uniquely needs to be said. As Dante says: "Midway along life's journey, I found myself in a dark wood, and the path was lost." Without Frances I would still be amongst the trees. JA, Glos.

5 / 5 ★

Frances’ style was a great match for my personality and mindset as she used an effective mix of personal anecdotes reinforcing her warmth, authenticity and experience, enabling her to work with a more probing and challenging style because I trusted her. She helped me navigate my way through a testing work transition, as I had moved from a familiar leadership situation with a team I had built myself, to an environment where I had a limited team and was having to collaborate and influence on a global stage to deliver a talent strategy. She helped me look at certain key relationships I had in the business and assess what I could take from them into this new situation, how I could develop my own style to reduce the level of frustration I was feeling with some of new my peers and help me get to know them to work with them effectively and have some fun! I would recommend Frances to anyone who is looking for a down to earth coach, with a sense of humour, who will support you in finding your next step. Ange Webb - Global Talent Director PageGroup

5 / 5 ★

Frances has a unique blend of warmth, empathy, coaching theory and grit which give her the incredible skill to be able to spot behavioural patterns and challenge assertively whilst always being supportive. She engenders a tremendous sense of trust and spends a great deal of time in objective reflection of her own coaching style and experiences through an extensive programme of supervision. Frances is the most effective coach I have ever used. SJD CEO Tracker Network Limited.

5 / 5 ★

Frances was my coach during a time when I was overwhelmed both at work and at home. I could not see the wood for the trees. With her expert help I was able to take back control of my working life and move from paralysis to action and fulfilment in my leadership role. In my home life I was able to relax and enjoy the good things! Frances flexed her style from gentle questioning and curiosity to more robust challenging depending on my requirements. Now when confronted with a challenge I often think 'What would Frances say?' and that is often enough for me to find a way forward. Working with Frances was a truly life-changing experience for me. I highly recommend her. Janine Giovanni, Marketing Director, Penguin Random House

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