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Claire Foy

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Team Coach · Career Coach · Performance Coach

London & South East

United Kingdom

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About me

Executive Coach - Ashford

I lived in the Cayman Islands since the age of two and so my feet are firmly rooted in the sand. This keeps me grounded and authentic in interactions with colleagues & clients. Continuously learning and reflecting on my coaching development, keep my capabilities fresh and innovative.

I'm a qualified Personal and Business coach with 25 years’ experience in the financial industry both offshore and in London, working within HNW private client advice in the regulated financial industry. I have over 10 years’ experience in the learning, development, supervision and coaching of world class professionals. A member of the ICF, I have attained ACC accreditation.

I love coaching individuals and bring a playful loving boot to help them reframe situations and blockers to achieve their goals and move them forward. As a Mindflick Spotlight Practitioner I tend to focus on the psychology of behaviours and mindsets when working with clients. For the past four years I have been coaching individuals through their performance profiling reports and building this deeper awareness into their daily life, focusing on their strengths and how these may be perceived over played.

Alongside coaching individuals, I work with senior leadership teams building on their collective visions, strategies and help drive collaboration, team effectiveness and most importantly psychological safety.  Also using the Spotlight profiling tool to look at the collective team dynamics and mapping individuals with their peers. Understanding the risk of group thinking and inclusivity of thought.

I also have great fun working with teams and individuals on problem cleaning, when they have an 'unsolvable' problem to work through, (we always get there in the end!)

I have built two programmes using performance profiling in collaboration with Mindflick. One is a leadership programme (THiNK), the other on influencing and connecting with others (CLiCK). Both have been awarded the Princess Royal Learning standard award.

I am currently piloting two group coaching programmes, one on Inclusivity (INCLuDE) and another on female empowerment (WOMANuP)

Finally I am a mentor for Women in Business & Finance, and currently mentor 12 individuals across the financial industry.

Clients use the following words to describe my style:
- Creates an environment that gives space to think
- Warm & caring and makes me feel at ease
- Subtly challenging, balancing questions with time to respond – A Loving Boot!
- Open & honest, so I feel safe to be open myself
- Impactful in the sessions, completely transformative afterwards
- A specialist in helping you reframe anything.
- Our sessions are playful and relaxed but most importantly useful
- Genuinely the best most worthwhile two days I have ever spent with my team
- I feel like the team effectiveness work with Claire has provided me with a toolkit to being a better me.

Area of Expertise
-One to One Executive Coaching
-Coaching through transition
-Career Coaching
-Team effectiveness & psychological safety
-Systemic Coaching
-Confidence & Imposter Syndrome
-Problem Cleaning
-Purpose Coaching
Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Associate Certified Coach


Fundamentals of Systemic CoachingICF ACC accreditationBarefoot Post Grad Personal & Business Coaching - ICF accreditedBlackford Diploma in Life CoachingSpotlight Profiling Practitioner - ICF accreditedSpotlight Team Practitioner - ICF accreditedPig Wrestling Practitioner

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I highly recommend Claire Foy. She is one of the best Executives Coaches I have met and how lucky me to have been able to learn from her. Claire has the best coaching presence I have ever experienced; she creates trust immediately, no judgement but focus and active listening. Claire challenges and asks insightful questions that allows awareness, movement, self- discovery, and progression. She enables you to think. Her group coaching is also outstanding and remarkable. I have observed the insights in the room in groups, the way she delivers is extremely engaging, creates collaboration, participation, she is a torrent of energy! And her knowledge and expertise in capability, development, leadership, coaching and psychological techniques makes her a superior professional in the field. I ought her most of my successes in my career, couldn’t be more grateful to have her in my life. Associate Director.


I received Executive Coaching from Claire and it was excellent. Having had a negative experience of coaching before, Claire showed me the true side of coaching where I was able to come to the conclusions myself with Claire asking all the right questions to get me on the journey, without ever forcing me down a path. She helped me realise the bigger picture and how I ensure a continued growth in my career. I will always appreciate the support and guidance I receive from Claire. A.C.


I’ve worked with Claire for a few years and in many different coaching contexts: 121, with teams I’m part of or leading and also larger coaching programmes. Claire’s positivity and enthusiasm combined with her honesty, always make these times something to look forward to in a very busy schedule. This is because no matter what is happening around, Claire creates the space to step back. A safe environment to be honest/vulnerable and reflect on ourselves, our experiences and our own ability. Then to look forward into what we need to do for ourselves and our people/clients to be better and achieve our potential. Always time very well spent. H.B. Managing Director.


Claire is a brilliant Executive Coach, who quickly creates an open and safe space that really helps you trust the process. She has supported me in reframing certain behaviours and helped me develop strategies to deal with a number of challenging work scenarios / individuals. We have also spent time focusing in on my longer term plans, what I value and with that, what I really want out of the next step. Claire finds the right balance of compassion, thoughtfulness and challenge to guide you to finding solutions. There isn’t always a quick fix but she helps you put the building blocks in place to get there. I always leave our sessions feeling a little lighter and full of energy to kick on with what I want to achieve. Beyond all of that, Claire is an inspiring business leader that champions women and I couldn’t recommend her enough! L.M.

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    Specialist areas
    Career Direction Confidence Emotional Intelligence Focus Influencing Skills Leadership Personality Profiling Procrastination Team Coaching Team Development
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