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Denis Gorce-Bourge

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About me
International Executive Coach
I’m an International Executive Coach, Facilitator and Senior Consultant with 15 years’ experience, from one-to-one coaching to large scale programmes on Leadership and Management.

I have been in the field of people development for over 25 years, first as a Psychotherapist and then Life Coach and soft skills Trainer. I worked in various industries, cultures and parts of the world. For many years, I have helped organisations and individuals to develop leadership through awareness and presence in the moment.

Why do clients work with me? Because they want to:
Develop their impact as a leader
Feel they have a choice to balance their work-life balance
Be able to boost their team effectiveness at a distance
Regain control over their diary and how their day goes

What if all that’s missing is to bring you to the next level of who you really are?

Great leadership depends on finding a way to be really present in the moment to give our full attention to people.

My aim is to help you to “Get back in the driver’s seat”.
This is all about developing awareness about what we do. Are we reacting based on default programs or are we acting in consciousness?

Most of our day is managed by our unconscious mind, and particularly if we are under pressure and stress. As long as we don’t realise it, we activate counterproductive behaviours and lose our impact on people.

With decades of experience and research in neuro-sciences, quantum physics, communication and personal development, I ease the way back to sovereignty on your own life and what you can achieve as a Leader.

Areas of Focus/Specialism
• Mindful Leadership
• Emotional Intelligence
• Shadow coaching
• Work-life balance
• Conflict resolution
• 360 reviews

Experiences with clients around the world
Europe, Russia, Asia, Middle East and Africa

HSBC, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, PWC, Accenture, CERN, UN, ILO, Eurostar, Bombardier, Eramet Group, Managem Group, SNCF…

Executive Coaching at Cambridge University
For 5 years, I have been part of a vast leadership development programme for senior civil servants of the Indian Government at the Judge Business School.

Coaching Style/Approach/Philosophy
My coaching style is personable and direct and involves an intuitive approach to situations. I use gentle provocation in order to generate new ways to perceive situations and find solutions.
I believe that the person’s awareness is crucial to generate long-lasting changes. It works as a process. The mindset directly impacts behaviours which have consequences on the perceived experience because it generates emotions which finally impact the mindset.

“101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques” published in 2010
“Dare to Rise – Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself” published in 2016
“The consciousness of the Wizard” published in 2020
Author of many articles in professional magazines and websites (including Forbes and Huffington Post)

Next steps
Please contact me using the ‘Send a message’ button to arrange an initial discussion to explore your challenges and whether we can work together.
Professional body membership

Association for Coaching

Level of membership/accreditation

AC - Individual Full Member


- Coaching diploma- NLP Master- Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner- United Nations Authorised Coach (UN and ILO)- ComColors Psychometric Train the Trainers- Transcendental Meditation Practitioner- Fully trained Transactional Analysis and Visualisation- Reiki Master Teacher- Time Line Training- Psych-K Practitioner- Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (Level 1 &2)

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Denis has helped me as leadership Coach during 6 months. We worked on how to handle the relations with my team, my managers and myself in context of transformation, high pressure and low means, without dying !!! I believe that Denis has a concrete and subtle understanding of what a person in charge in a company has to deal with at several levels. The last book he wrote “La conscience du magicien” shows how deep and relevant his approach is to support people in their growth in a such complex world context. I will always be happy to promote him.


I have had a number of group and one to one leadership coaching with Denis and it has helped me to believe in myself, be comfortable with who I am and put to bed some of my past experiences which were really holding me back. It was really easy for me to open up to Denis, he did not judge me nor did he rush me through what was actually quite emotional, professional baggage that I was holding on to as a way of punishing myself or making me believe I wasn’t good enough. He helped me to just be me, to be OK with that, to take time for myself and think without doing and encouraged me over time when he could obviously see that change in me too. T.W.


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