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Executive Coaching Edinburgh & Glasgow, AnneMaree Wallace

AnneMaree Wallace

Executive Coach, Leadership Coach

Edinburgh & Glasgow

Specialist areas:
Assertiveness, Confidence, Conflict, Difficult Conversations, Influencing Skills, Leadership, Managing Emotions, Motivation
5 / 5
15 years of coaching
Face to Face
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

EMCC - Accredited Senior Practitioner

About me

Executive Coach Edinburgh & Glasgow

Anne Maree is an Executive and Leadership Coach based in Edinburgh & Glasgow. She typically works with senior managers, leaders and clinicians who have moved into a new role, are looking at their career development or are facing difficult issues at work.

Leadership Challenges

Client challenges are many and varied, and include managing a more senior leadership role, delegation, work/life balance, self-confidence, handling difficult conversations and conflict.

Anne Maree's aim is help you to be happier at work. She believes this is the way to improve morale, work efficiency, team working and ultimately patient or customer care.

She believes that you have the power to solve their own issues or problems and that her purpose is to help you do this by enabling you to see things from a different perspective and/or from learning from others' experiences.
She uses a wide range of coaching techniques and models which are flexible to meet each individual’s needs.

What clients say about her coaching

“She was able to demonstrate to me a different perspective on the situations I found difficult so that I could change the way I reacted to them. Most importantly she helped me to understand and begin to value my own style and strengths and how to develop my work to capitalise on these.”

“I have experienced coaching in a number of settings over the past 10 years and found Anne Maree’s style and approach to coaching highly effective, very flexible and immensely useful both personally and professionally.”

“Clarified issues, then did Gestalt exercise, which was hugely helpful – in my notes I wrote ‘An astonishing exercise!’”

While Anne Maree has a particular interest in the public sector, especially clinicians, she also works with the private, university and third sectors. She has also worked at Consultant, Executive and Non-Executive levels in the NHS.

Anne Maree is qualified in the use of a profiling tool called team management systems and has an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching and a Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching. She is also qualified in systemic constellations and brain based coaching which is uses recent discoveries in neuroscience.

For more information

To find out more about Anne Maree, please visit her website or Linkedin profile.

To discuss coaching and what you are looking for, please call 07590901839 or email

Professional Body

European Mentoring & Coaching Council


Advanced Practitioner Diploma - AoEC 2012
Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching -AoEC 2014
Team Management Profile Accreditation 2014
Action Learning Facilitation 2016
Brain based coaching - Neuroleadership Institute 2016
Systemic Constellations for Coaches - Discovery Training 2017

Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

AnneMaree worked with me to support my undertaking of a new role within the NHS and I can highly recommend her as an executive coach. AnneMaree quickly made me feel at ease and able to discuss any topic openly and I felt assured by her professional approach. Setting clear objectives/goals at the start of our relationship helped to provide structure but each session was driven by what I felt I most needed to discuss at the time. I have taken away strategies that I have implemented in the workplace and have achieved desired results and this has absolutely allowed me to further develop my management and leadership skills and style. Highly recommend.

5 / 5 ★

I worked with Anne Maree over a number of months and the impact for me has been invaluable. Anne Maree helped me to understand my 'style' and how I could make this work to the greatest effect in my professional life but also how this can impact on work-life balance and how to improve this. I can not recommend Anne Maree as a coach highly enough. S. D.

5 / 5 ★

I was struggling to manage work and family and find any kind of balance. AnneMaree not only helped put things into perspective, but gave me some incredibly helpful techniques that helped not only get the balance back but to really start enjoying life again! Huge thanks for everything you helped me achieve. P.C.

5 / 5 ★

Anne Maree helped me to define what I actually wanted out of my work and supported me to identify my strengths at a time when I was struggling to truly believe that I had any. She helped me to set out several clear goals and after 6 coaching sessions over a period of 7 months I felt these were either achieved or very close to being achieved. This has involved a significant change in my expected career path and I now feel enthusiastic about my work going forward. Anne Maree shows great empathy and creates a very supportive environment. I strongly recommend Anne Maree as an executive coach. Dr EB

5 / 5 ★

Anne Marie and I worked together over an eight month period. She was excellent at defining simplicity in my goals and communication messaging. She really challenged my thinking, deeper than anyone else I had worked with. She introduced me to some insightful models, that gave me a new perspective on myself. Being accountable to Anne Marie during this period, improved my confidence in the transition from internal corporate world to that of external networking. She was incredibly supportive and showed great empathy.

5 / 5 ★

I had a number of sessions with AnneMaree over 8 months. She helped me to identify and recognise my working styles, and how to best harness those styles to the benefit of both myself and my line manager. We explored a number of theories and tools around communication and this helped improve my confidence and my assertiveness. I can strongly recommend Anne Maree.

5 / 5 ★

Anne Maree and I worked together over a period of 18 months, during which I went through a significant work transition. Anne Maree supported and challenged me to make 'a good exit', while also preparing me for starting well in a new organisation, and laying the groundwork for future progression. Through a range of coaching techniques Anne Maree helped me to identify and articulate my own leadership style and strengths. I learned practical techniques for managing work-related anxiety and situations that I find difficult. Anne Maree's knowledge of leadership and management theory is extensive and she is able to draw from a wide range of conceptual models and exercises to tackle different issues. I have found Anne Maree to be an insightful and supportive coach who creates a safe and positive space to explore leadership and personal effectiveness. CF, public sector policy.

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