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Executive Coach - Edinburgh

I am most interested in YOUR narrative: where you are and where you most want to go. What are YOUR most ambitious goals and how can we co-create your story and action plan to get there? What does success look like and what might get in your way? Would you like a Time to Think?

I specialise in Career Transition, Resilience & High Performance coaching for Leaders and Professionals, with a speciality in Financial Services. I also work with Professionals in Recovery in the workplace. My clients would describe me as: Empathetic, a great Listener, Vigorous, Enthusiastic, Action-oriented, Non-Judgemental, Trustworthy. And having a huge appetite for Adventure.

I am a WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™), hold a Masters in Management Coaching (Cum Laude) and have a strong track record in global corporate in leadership and sales roles. My coaching perspectives include: creating a Time to Think, Positive Psychology, Behavioural and Solutions focused, Systemic and Neuroscientific.

I have over 3000 logged coaching hours over 8 years of practice. I work best with those who are ready to think about and aim for their most ambitious and meaningful goals, centred around resilience and high performance, leadership, career transition, and work/life harmony. I am fluent in the Financial Services space, but have coached at all levels of management in varied sectors including investment banking, fund management, accountancy & consultancy, TMTs, shipping, beverages and the law in the UK, US and Africa.

I have experienced first-hand the extreme demands of a competitive career and the impact that stress can have personally and professionally: and believe coaching is a very effective methodology to make the changes required to lead a transformed life. I am completely open about my own status of being in Recovery from Alcohol for the past 12 years: it forms the narrative for my own transformation from Banker to Coach.

Ex-Equities trader at investment banking giants Robert Fleming, Deutsche Bank & Macquarie, I worked for two decades in aggressive international corporate in the UK and South Africa as an emerging markets trader, rising to Divisional Director, Manco member and Head of Sales and Trading at Macquarie Securities South Africa, a business we started from scratch. I have worked in a front-line client-facing role on trading desks for Robert Fleming and HSBC in London, Deutsche Bank and Macquarie in Johannesburg, managing relationships with some of the largest institutional fund managers and most demanding hedge funds worldwide. I was involved in many of the major South African capital-raising deals and international listings and was fortunate to have been part of three number-one rated global teams for South African equities.

I work with individuals and corporates: if my profile interests you please call me on 07946 464185 for a no-obligation chat or to arrange a chemistry session.
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AC - Individual Full Member


Neurozone Advanced Course 33CCE (2021)WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™) (2019)Thomas PPA International Practitioner (2019)RTC Leadership & Coaching FT CCI Programme (2019)Neurozone Certified Coach (2018)Time to Think Coach (2017)MPhil First Class in Management Coaching GSB University of Stellenbosch (2015)

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I'm delighted to endorse and recommend Thoby Solheim as a first rate coach. To paraphrase Bruce Lee, Thoby has "mastered the art of being a coach without it feeling like he's being a coach!" Powerful, productive, grown-up conversations, always with a clear purpose and always with meaningful outcomes and actions. But it doesn't stop there...because Thoby makes notes - lots of notes, during every coaching whether its 2 weeks or 2 months between sessions, Thoby brings you right back to what you said you'd do, whether you've done it, how it went, what you've learned and critically, what you plan to do with this insight to achieve a new level of performance. True accountability and real growth invariably follows. Couple that with a deep understanding of what makes businesses, organisations and people tick - and a great sense of humour, and you have a recipe for a profoundly useful coaching relationship. It certainly produced results for me. Mike Ashton, Managing Director at ABCDG Ltd. And Chair of the Board of Governors at The Henley College


I have had the great pleasure of working with Thoby Solheim as my executive coach over the past year. Thoby’s energy, genuine interest, critical thinking, professional and pro-active style has been inspiring for me, as we worked on my plan and defined my goals. I found him to be very personable and straightforward to work with. Thoby is also extremely well qualified as a coach, and this comes across in his knowledge and suggestions. Thoby is an excellent and patient listener, an essential attribute of a great coach. I have particularly appreciated Thoby’s positivity and invigorating approach. Thoby has helped me enormously, to build resilience and bring focus, to the next chapter of my career. I am so glad that I chose Thoby as my coach, and I highly recommend him to be yours. Sarah Watters


Thoby's style as a business coach fitted what I needed - I asked for someone who would be as different from me as possible and that was the correct thing to do. Our coaching relationship has lasted 18 months, mostly on-line. We've just once met conventionally as I was abroad when we kicked it off and under COVID until recently. I came at a crunch point in my career - I could sense a big opportunity in front of me, but then-current business and professional relationships were holding me back. I knew I had to move on, but I hadn't worked out how. I sensed a great opportunity opening up, but I hadn't articulated it effectively. After just two months, I had a great plan and, two months later, I had in large part enacted it! I now lead a wholly new business that has grown to fulfil and exceed my 1st-year mission for it after just 6 months! Thoby is a professional coach, with the science and know-how of coaching that is all his. From my perspective, his input has helped me to extract and apply that which was already in me, picking up en-route on learning to thrive in situations that I had found difficult, on focusing my energies where I was naturally strong and in removing myself from issues of detail - even when (or especially when) I thought I was right!! His reading recommendations were brilliant - at first, seemingly off-the-wall, but actually, just what I needed. My only slight regret is in not having embarked on coaching a decade or two ago. Robin Stern, Executive Chair Future Perfect (Healthcare).


When I started, I told Thoby that I needed a Sherpa on the journey to the summit. Thoby has been ideal in that role. Thoby didn’t carry me up the mountain, instead he acted as my guide challenging me to think deeply about what I am passionate about. In the end, I reached the peak and can look toward my future role. If you find yourself at a crossroad or feel you don’t have a clear focus, then I recommend you work with Thoby. If you are ready to do the work, invest the time, and find how your passion and career intersect, then you are ready to work with Thoby. Paul Yeh, Managing Partner at Bellwether Analytics.


I had the pleasure of working with Thoby Solheim as my executive coach the period of 18 months, when our company went through significant change with two organizational restructures. I found it easy to build a relationship with Thoby, and we had a strong bond of trust working together for a critical year and a half in my career. Thoby is both friendly but also tough in challenging ideas. I found his way of working with me through some difficult situations both extremely rewarding and insightful. Apart from Thoby’s style of working, he also comes with deep knowledge and experience in a high-pressure corporate environment with good personal examples of what works and what does not. Thoby is very well qualified and always came to our sessions well prepared and with a strong sense of purpose of coaching me through challenging times. Thoby as an executive coach comes highly recommended! Dirk Hoffmann Managing Director – Safmarine/Maersk Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands

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