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Siobhain Whitty

Executive Coach, Career Coach


Specialist areas:
Career Direction, Communication, Confidence, Cross Cultural, Difficult Conversations, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change, Managing Emotions, New Role, Transition, TILM Member Offer
5 / 5
5 years of coaching
Face to Face, Telephone, Video Conference
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach

About me

I have over twenty years’ HR and line management experience working in complex, corporate environments in the UK and internationally, including senior / global HR roles. My background is in International HR Operations in the oil and gas industry and I have lived and worked in the UK, Philippines, Kazakhstan and Qatar.

I work with people who feel stuck in their personal and professional lives and need support to work out what decisions to take next and which way to turn. They could be facing a job loss, a promotion to a leadership role, or seeking a career change; or they could be struggling to manage competing priorities in their work and lives.

I do this by supporting people to identify and connect with what they truly want, to understand the influence that long-held limiting beliefs can have on their choices, how they behave and come across, and to then take actions which will lead them towards lasting change.

Central to this work is enabling people learn how to access and manage their "inner critics" - the "saboteur" voices that get in the way - and to also build the emotional resilience essential for effective leadership.

Typical coaching assignments have included managing career changes, transitioning into leadership roles, building self-awareness, self-worth and personal impact and quietening that inner critic.

Sectors I have coached in include Energy, Law, Higher Education and IT.

Coaching is a Conversation with a Purpose

My style is challenging and thought provoking whilst also being supportive. I encourage people to get to know their inner selves in order to maximise their outer impact, all within the context of their organisational environment and to achieve their goals.

What's it like to partner with me?

"I have found Siobhain paradigm shifting in terms of how I approach issues in my life. What she has shown me is that the answers are not to be revealed to me by experts ... I have discovered I had the answers to within me all the time – I just had not been able to visualize those answers. I would without hesitation recommend Siobhain as a coach and would make clear that for it to work, you will need to be prepared to work hard and outside comfort zones. It will be worth it".
Richard W., Partner, International Law Firm

"I have benefited in so many different ways from being coached by Siobhain. She has helped me gain clarity, self-awareness and new perspectives on such a wide range of topics. The insights I have gained in my coaching sessions have led me to a number of positive changes in my life and helped me to achieve both professional and personal goals. Siobhain has a unique approach to coaching which allows you to feel supported throughout the coaching process while also ensuring that you challenge yourself".
B. Allan, Maersk Oil, Qatar

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Professional Body

International Coach Federation


• AoEC Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching
• Certificate in Career Coaching Practice (ICF Accredited) Full Circle
• Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation (ICF)
• Empower World, Coaching Skills Training (ICF accredited) Empower World
• Level 5 Certificate, Coaching & Mentoring in Management, ILM

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Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

I initially contacted Siobhain as I was feeling stuck in a rut in my career and felt I did not wish to continue in my role long-term however was unsure of next steps. The pre-work Siobhain sent helped to identify what my work goals were and what aspects of work are important to me from both a personal and professional perspective. Using these work goals, Siobhain helped me to appreciate my skills, capabilities and experience and to embrace them as opposed to feeling "lucky" - I subsequently revised and updated my CV to reflect this. Unfortunately COVID-19 hit and I was then made redundant which was both unexpected and devastating at the time. The work I had already put in with Siobhain both on my CV and personally however, stood me in good stead - my confidence had increased dramatically and I was able to network and build connections on LinkedIn which I am happy to report led to me securing a new job with one of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies. With Siobhain's support and career coaching I feel greater resilience, self-belief together with an increased confidence - I am now excited and very much looking forward to the future and my new job. I would not hesitate in recommending Siobhain. L.Bristow.

5 / 5 ★

I first met Siobhain, virtually, two years ago. I was drawn by her practical, calm professionalism. This lead me to engage her as my Coach and I have been delighted by the trust we have built which has allowed me to explore and question aspects of me much more deeply than with other coaches. As a result of these sessions I am more fearless, less concerned about other's perception and challenging myself to stretch and try new things; an interesting and continuing learning experience. I have much time and respect for Siobhain and recommend her services to anyone considering coaching. DF, Director.

5 / 5 ★

Siobhain is an excellent coach and has always managed to bring out the best in me. She is patient and radiates calmness which makes it easier to go deeper into the process. Her approach is very intuitive and thought provoking and this has always helped me reach my potential. I always feel calm and settled post my sessions with Siobhain. This helps me put my trust in the process and in her. - Kiran Matta

5 / 5 ★

Siobhain is a professional coach with a high sense of integrity and she truly puts her client's success at the center of their relationship. Siobhain's approach is very professional and warm, with the ability to immediately create the conditions for an open and worthy relationships. Siobhain helps her clients to gain a better understanding of themselves and creating powerful intentions and results from a stronger self-awareness. Siobhain has a wonderful ability to listen and articulate back what is most critical for the client's growth and she challenges in a delicate yet determined way, when she believes it is in the best interest of her client. The thing that I like the most about Siobhain is her ability to create the conditions for a safe and courageous space to support her clients to take risks, to grow bigger and to appreciate themselves more. Siobhain has helped me gain a much stronger sense of my own capabilities and resources, inspiring me to take greater risks and to achieve bigger successes. Thank you Siobhain. F.A.

5 / 5 ★

Siobhain has a calm presence and she radiates trust when she holds me as a client, allowing me to explore, in the safe space that she creates. Siobhain is very strong with visualizations, of which I was never a huge fan before, she has shown me the strength and value of visualization by gently inviting me to explore and encourage me to dive in deeper. Siobhain has a great way of managing the flow of a session, by checking in every now and then and ensuring that I am on track. I.R.

5 / 5 ★

I went to Siobhain whilst I was at a cross roads in my career and I was really struggling to figure out my next steps. She helped me review my career, discover what exactly I wanted from my next role and some different approaches in finding a new job. She also made some excellent observations as we explored my past and discussed my future. I secured a new job during the period I was working with Siobhain and her coaching definitely played a fundamental role in my success. Siobhain is professional, friendly and easy to work with and I am sure can bring clarity to any situation presented to her. E. Oke (Project Manager)

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