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Leadership Coaching High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Berkshire, David Barkel

David Barkel

Executive Coach

Bucks, Herts, Oxon, Surrey & Berks

Specialist areas:
Assertiveness, Communication, Delegation, Influencing Skills, Leadership, Managing Change, Motivation, Personal Impact, Resilience, Time Management
5 / 5
12 years of coaching
Face to Face, Skype
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

AC - Individual Full Member

About me

Executive Coach High Wycombe

David is an Executive Coach with over 10 years of coaching experience working with a wide variety of clients. His style is realistic, pragmatic and down to earth drawing on his own experience as a senior leader in business. Although approachable and empathetic, David will challenge clients to be the best they can be as part of their learning and change process.

Typical Clients

All clients are of course different but David typically works with people who may not have had the opportunity to work on management development; maybe things were always too busy. In the meantime the business has moved on and the role has become more complex. Another typical client is one who is making a transition in their job – maybe moving to a more senior position. Now they are seen as the leader and to grow into this will need to do things differently.

All Change

How do people achieve a change in their own performance to meet these new challenges? The key is to change both thinking and behaviour. Letting go of some of the things they may have done brilliantly in the past and have lead to success may now be holding them back. Self-awareness and being absolutely confident in their new identity is crucial. But this is not play-acting – being absolutely authentic and grounded in the new role is vital and can make the difference in whether people truly respect you as their leader. Moving to strategic rather than tactical thinking is typically needed and the ability to enthuse, inspire and engage others with the big picture. After all a leader can only be a leader if he or she has followers.

How is this done?

David uses a structured leadership and management coaching approach. Once clients’ outcomes have been established a program is tailored to address these. The program typically includes diagnostics and suite of models to challenge thinking and behaviour. Although structured the coaching is very flexible and is adapted to individual clients needs and aspirations. Often the programme will change as new issues emerge.

Clients' Successes

Typical comments are – “the coaching program helped me understand more about me, my team and the business to develop a strategy on where and how I can take the business forward”. “I found out a lot about myself which in turn helped me develop and coach my team”. “The coaching allowed me to escape a vicious circle or routine thinking, look at important things from a different perspective and approach them in a more efficient way”.

Get in touch

David works with people at all levels in companies from SME’s to multinational corporations. Call for a no obligation chat on the challenges that you are facing and to arrange a no cost initial meeting. David works throughout the South East, and also coaches via Skype and so is available anywhere in the UK and internationally. Call 01494 812449 or email

Professional Body

Association for Coaching


NLP Diploma, Pharos Leadership Coaching Program, Clean Language for Coaches

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Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

David coached me when I joined an existing business as Director and Shareholder. The Perfect Direction coaching programme helped me to understand more about me, my team and the business to develop a strategy on where and how I can take the business forward. This was hugely insightful and got me out of my comfort zone to accept the challenge and make changes that ultimately improved me as a person, improved me as a leader and improved relationships with staff. We worked through a number of models as methods of achieving goals and with this, David offers a new way of looking at things to develop solutions so you can change for the better. A course and coach that I would recommend to any business leader Alistair - Director

5 / 5 ★

A highly recommended coach. David helped me at the start of a very challenging assignment in my career. During the Pharos Leadership Programme I found out a lot about myself which in turn help me develop and coach my team. With David’s guidance I was able to apply a number of analytical and behavioural tools which I still use today.  Mark - Operations Director

5 / 5 ★

David helped me to get a bigger picture of my professional and personal goals. We discussed preferential outcomes, prioritised tasks and created a well-balanced action plan. He also provided and explained a lot of analytical tools and behavioural models to help me cope with complex situations. All of this allowed me to escape a vicious circle of routine thinking, look at important things from a different perspective and approach them in a more efficient way. I would definitely recommend David to anyone seeking to accelerate professional development and keep a harmonious life at the same time. Pavel, Sales Manager

5 / 5 ★

David has been regularly coaching me for over 8 years helping me with many business aspects from internal structuring, giving me contacts, marketing strategies and support with decision making. This has resulted in my company growing and expanding. David is thoroughly professional and works with honesty, integrity and a wealth of experience. David Mitchell Company Director

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