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Ian Sellick

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Performance Coach


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About me

Executive Coach - Bristol

I am passionate about helping leaders to develop long term sustainable and purpose driven businesses that will have a positive impact for all stakeholders.

I partner with successful leaders who desire positive, change in thinking, behaviour and action for themselves, their teams producing long term sustainable results for their key stakeholders and their clients.

They key to getting these results are:

> Focus on the true priorities

> Execute a strategy whilst identifying and developing key skills and behaviours

> Managing change by building key relationships

Simple to state but not always easy to achieve.

Leaders often discover they can get into a loop that is impossible to get out of and instead find themselves in a world of distractions with changing needs, and avoiding key conflicts instead of resolving them.

If one doesn’t align all these keys then getting results one aspires to then may experience control and have the skills and behaviours but fail to take advantage of key relationships and identify new opportunities

You might have developed the right skills and behaviours, you may even have the right contacts and relationships but if you do not manage your key priorities and focus, the previous two will soon fall away.

Or, you may have created time and focus, and built some key relationships but if you have not put in the time to develop the right skills and behaviours you will find it difficult to maintain relationships and to inspire others to follow you.

It’s from a balance that we begin to create the long-term behaviours that make a real difference to you, your stakeholders and your organisation.

On a more personal note.

I enjoy cooking, food and wine, love Rugby Union, Cricket and Golf. I am and ardent learner, I believe a day without learning something new about the world or myself is a wasted day.

I also enjoy travel and meeting and or working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

One of the things that gives me the greatest joy is seeing and hearing my two young Grand-Children playing learning and laughing.
Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach


European NLP Coaching Certification (ITS Ian McDermot)Newfield Certified Ontological Coach (Newfield Colorado)Marshall Goldsmith Certified Stake Holder Centred CoachMarshall Goldsmith Global Leader Assessment and CoachMarshall Goldsmith MG100 CoachJCA EQ Assessor and CoachCertified EBW Emotional Intelligence at Work assessor and coachCertified Leadership Agility Coach (Bill Joiner)Leadership Development Framework Coach/(Bill Torbert)Coach Master Training (Andrew Neitlich)Certified Systemic Team Coach (AoEC)

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