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Coach Supervisor Honiton, Angela Dunbar

Angela Dunbar

Coach Supervisor · Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Career Coach · Performance Coach


United Kingdom

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Coach Supervisor Honiton, Angela Dunbar
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About me

Coach Supervisor & Executive Coach - Honiton

Angela is a highly experienced Coach Supervisor, AC accredited, a former council member, and now a lifetime fellow. Established since 1994, as an Executive, Performance, Leadership and Career Coach based in Honiton, Devon, Angela coaches people on all aspects of their professional and personal lives, with a special interest in confidence, creativity and communication skills.

Clean Coaching
Trained to Master NLP Practitioner level, Angela’s passion is Clean Language, a powerful non-directive facilitation process that engages the coachee’s non-conscious resources through the metaphors they use to describe their experience. Angela also teaches ‘Clean’ techniques for coaches worldwide using innovative online technology with a personal touch, through The Clean Coaching Centre:

Angela’s is author of “Essential Life Coaching Skills” published in 2009, and “Clean Coaching: The Insider Guide to Making Change Happen” in 2016. Angela has twice been nominated for the AC’s Honorary Award for “Impacting the Coaching Profession” and achieved her degree (first class) in Psychology in 2014.

Interpersonal skills training programmes
I have been MD of my own successful training, coaching and coach supervision business for 21 years. During this time, I have trained and coached at different levels of management, from first-line supervisors to MD level. I have a great deal of experience of working with senior management teams. I have designed and delivered an abundance of communication and interpersonal skills training programmes, covering all aspects of sales, customer care, telephone skills, body language, rapport building, dealing with ‘difficult’ people, team building, leadership, motivation, performance improvement and coaching.

I first encountered NLP in 1995, and achieved my Practitioner Certificate (in 2002) then Master Practitioner Certificate (in 2004) involving a total of 320 hours of supervised training and practice of NLP techniques. Since then I have had a passion for working with individuals one-on-one to facilitate behavioural changes. I have undertaken considerable training in Clean Language and worked directly with originator David Grove. I have also delivered a series of short workshops on the subject at Oxford Brookes University.

Online training in Clean Coaching
I am author of the book: “Essential Life Coaching Skills” published by Routledge in 2009. My second book ‘Clean Coaching: The Insider Guide to making Change Happen’ was published in October 2016. The ‘Clean Coaching Centre’ was introduced as a brand name in 2004, offering a unique approach to coaching that tackles the unconscious and deeper aspects of human behaviour and thinking patterns. The centre provides dedicated online training courses created by David Grove and Carol Wilson to teach Clean Language and other ‘Clean’ techniques to coaches and other kinds of change facilitators. In 2015 this became the overarching business name I now trade under for all my work.

AC accredited coaching supervisor
I have been an advocate of coaching supervision since my earliest days as a coach, and have supported the development of coaching supervision accreditation within the AC. I took part in the pilot programme for accreditation and currently one of a handful of AC accredited coaching supervisors in the UK today. You can read more about AC accredited supervisors through this link:

To explore your coaching or coaching supervision requirements, please contact Angela to arrange a call by clicking on the 'Send a message' button.
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Association for Coaching

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AC - Accredited CoachAC - Accredited Coaching SupervisorAC - Honorary Lifetime Fellow


ILM Certificate Coaching and Mentoring Level 5Diploma in Performance CoachingDiploma in Life CoachingDiploma in Coaching SupervisionMaster NLP PractitionerDegree in Psychology

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I asked Angela to be my supervisor last year whilst studying for a post-grad certificate in coaching with Roffey Park Institute. I already knew of her work by reputation, and found her to be a great coach, modelling the skills and techniques I said I wanted to develop. Working with such a great professional, devoted to focusing on my concerns, boosted my morale no end. We teased out where I could improve, explored my approach to learning and planned for forthcoming client sessions. I saw and heard great examples from Angela as she supervised me, and her feedback and encouragement contributed significantly to my coaching case study. The quality of my coaching went up, both formally with clients and informally at work. I have now returned to pursue my studies in Clean with Angela and I highly recommend her as a coach, supervisor and author.


I first trained with Angela in Clean Language in 2010 and chose her as my supervisor in 2012. The enduring nature of our relationship is testament in itself and I cannot speak highly enough of Angela. She creates a warm and creative space for learning where you can really develop and challenge yourself. She is exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable. She is a pleasure to work with and I come away from every session feeling enriched and uplifted. I wholeheartedly recommend her as both a trainer and supervisor. Caroline Talbott, Executive Coach and Author


Angela has been my supervisor for the last 3 years and I continue to be extremely happy with the high standard of her supervision. She is a skilled listener and offers a great balance between support and challenge, which is hugely valuable in stimulating my reflective practice. Angela is also very happy to share relevant resources to add to my learning and development, which is a great addition to the support she provides. I would highly recommend Angela to anybody looking for an experienced supervisor.


I found Angela to be a very easy-going and incredibly supportive coach. She's a great listener and empathiser as well as non-judgmental. The clean language that she used with me was very useful. She helped me to refine my thoughts a great deal and got me to a place of more clarity at the end of each coaching session. I felt very comfortable with Angela and found it very easy to talk to her. I didn’t feel I had to control the sessions out of anxiety and was quite happy and comfortable to allow her to take control. I would definitely recommend Angela.


I was a client of Angela's for about two years. We worked together on issues such as self-confidence and social confidence. I found her to be extremely insightful and motivating. For the most part her approach was practical but she was also very good at using therapeutic models such as NLP or CBT when needed. Over time, my confidence grew and more opportunities opened to me. Mr Julian Henley


I've had regular 1:1 supervision with Angela over the past 3 years, and before that in a group. I also have supervision and mentor coaching from other highly experienced coach supervisors (for context!). I always find our sessions very helpful and positive, without glossing over any challenges, developing ideas and resources which can support me in my work and ensure I'm not getting lazy or conflicted in my exec coaching work. I have known Angela for 10 years now (since I started my Clean learning) and it's always fresh, stimulating, relevant and purposeful work with her. AG, PCC.


Angela has been my coach supervisor for the last year and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is warm and friendly, challenging and insightful. She has a vast knowledge of helpful hints, of which she is always willing to share. I really enjoy my sessions with Angela and gain a huge amount from each session. Thank you. Rachel Watson


Angela has been my supervisor for about two years. She balances freedom to explore, with structure and I always come away from her sessions with new insights into my coaching. Whether using clean coaching or other techniques, or sharing her expertise, she asks me those questions I may not want to face but know will do me good. Her warm style and professionalism all add to her great work.


I was first a student of Angela's long distance Clean Coaching training from late 2014 to early 2016, and then progressed to joining one of her monthly Clean Coaching supervision classes. It has been one of the best experiences of learning that I have ever had in my life - Angela has a deep understanding of how to create the right conditions for emergence that adult learners thrive in, and each class and every supervision session has been a peak experience for me. Angela models in every moment the level of intuitive sense-making, listening, feedback, compassion and empathy that is the hallmark of great coaches - as such she is my gold standard that I aspire to emulating in my own coaching and facilitation work. I have grown both as a coach and as a human being in the spaces that Angela has created for us, and I am both honoured to have had the opportunity to learn with her. Finally, as a Malaysian, I have experienced an immense sensitivity and respect for me and my needs in making these classes - and there is a spirit of inclusiveness and respect for diversity that I really am appreciative of. Susanna George, Facilitator & OD consultant, Malaysia


Angela is a sharp, insightful and incredibly supportive coach. She uses a wide range of techniques to explore your concerns and to uncover the bigger motivations and triggers that exist within all of us. I found our sessions enlightening and invaluable - whether discussing long term goals or more tactical concerns. I really enjoyed my time with her as part of the Marketing Academy programme; she unlocked a new level of personal awareness, clarity and direction, and shared a number of tools and models that I use on a regular basis.


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