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About me

Executive Coach - Scotland

Imagine a space that is safe and free from judgement, where you can explore and discover new insights into personal challenges and endless possibilities, where you can experiment with new ways of thinking, new ways of feeling and new ways of looking at a situation.

Imagine being accompanied on this journey by a guide, a curious observer, someone who genuinely cares about you and what is happening to you, someone who will provide the challenge to your thinking that you need in order to grow and become the best version of yourself that you can be, someone who wants you to leave the space feeling good about yourself, feeling positive, with a clear sense of direction.

In my practice, clients are invariably looking for a way to make sense of change, whether this is imposed on them, such as the personal impact of an organisational restructure, or one they wish to make themselves, such as a change in a behavioural characteristic. Whilst the need for change is often understood, identifying the nature of the required shift, the internal transformation required to support it, and the transition to a new state of being, a new way of seeing, is a longer journey of discovery.

My role is to help people become more aware of their thoughts, and, through encouraging them to notice and reflect on what is happening, enable them to see their world through a different lens, providing new learning that supports sustained change, preventing the return to previous unserving patterns of behaviour.

I am particularly interested in cross-cultural coaching and looking at how culture shapes us and can define how we view the world around us. Realising that we are more than just a national identity , we are the sum of all our cultural history and any feelings we have towards that history. My recent research has been looking at Cultural Self Reflexivity and how, as a coach, my relationship with my cultural identity can impact on building an empathic relationship with a client from a different cultural background.

I use various coaching techniques and models to create a safe space for the client to review and test their thinking & assumptions, and reconstruct new meaning perspectives that will encourage new transformative thinking. These draw on NLP, Gestalt and transformative theories of coaching and learning.

I am an accredited NLP coach, a Senior Practitioner with the EMCC, as well as being an EMCC mentor, a Coach Supervisor and hold an MA in Coaching & Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University.

For more information about how I might be able to help you or your organisation please feel free to message me or contact me at
Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC - Accredited Senior Practitioner


Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching - Coaching Academy Member of the Coaches in Government network Civil Service Learning Accredited Coach – Oxford Brookes University Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (8 week accredited course)NLP Diploma - Integrate TrainingNLP Accredited Coach - Integrate trainingMA Coaching & Mentoring (Merit) - Oxford Brookes University (2021)Professional Certificate in Advanced Study of Coaching Supervision (2024)Coach Supervisor training (Ashridge) (2015)Advanced Coach Supervision Training - Centre for Supervision & Team Development, London (2018)

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Kevin is a truly brilliant coach who helped me discover what I was missing from work to be truly fulfilled. I have learnt so much about myself and I am grateful to this day for the time and energy he has invested in me. I cannot recommend him highly enough. AG, UK Civil Servant


Kevin has excellent rapport, listening skills, is intuitive and flexible. As his coaching client I have been encouraged and supported by his ability to understand the complexities of different backgrounds and situations with an empathic and curious approach. I highly recommend Kevin as a coach. M.N.


Kevin is my coaching supervisor and has been for several years. He demonstrates many excellent supervision and coaching qualities. Kevin’s great strengths are his insightful questioning and engaging curiosity: to understand himself and his impact on others, and in his whole person focus. He thereby fosters a deep relationship of trust for effective support, which helps one reflect openly and constructively on both thoughts and feelings to address specific challenges. As a result, one feels self-assured, better focused and reenergised. I therefore strongly recommend Kevin as a coach. Steve Benson Executive Coach

Specialist areas
Career Direction Cross Cultural DE&I Emotional Intelligence Leadership Managing Change Mindfulness Supervision: 1-2-1 Supervision: Group Transition
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