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Kate Bishop

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500+ hours of coaching experience

Career Coach · Leadership Coach · Performance Coach

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

United Kingdom

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About me

Career Coach - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

I'm a fully certified Life and Business Coach with the prestigious The Coaching Academy, and I specialise in career & confidence coaching.

With a strong focus on self-esteem and wellbeing at work, I love facilitating workshops, giving keynote talks, and I work with individuals to improve their inner-belief and working life whether that be a complete career change, taming their stress, making their positive impact, or empowering them to leap up their career ladder.

By working with business owners, leaders & HR to enhance their employee health, happiness and wellbeing we create a wellbeing programme to ensure their business has a motivated, productive team working together in harmony.

From personal experience (I've been to the depths of depression and back due to a previous working life) I understand how emotional wellbeing and mental health are absolutely crucial to a productive and happy working life.

My work with clients enables them to become more resilient and to flourish both in their work and in their personal lives. We work on life - work balance as your life comes first!

I am incredibly fortunate to coach people to improve and enhance all areas of their working life, gain and improve their inner confidence so that they are ready to thrive in the face of adversity and, of course, enjoy their Mondays once more!

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Association for Coaching

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AC - Individual Full Member


Diploma: Personal Performance CoachingDiploma: Small Business CoachingCPD:Imposter SyndromeStress CoachingPositive Psychology in CoachingConfidence CoachingResilience CoachingTransactional Analysis for CoachesNeuroscience & CoachingReinvention CoachingFinancial CoachingLevel 2 Certified DISC Accreditation

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At 50 yrs old I decided it was time to make some changes in my career. Kate helped me with my thought processes to determine my goals. Through a series of coaching sessions I’ve learned a lot about myself and gained clarity about what I want at this stage in my life and career. This helped me to prepare for and then find some great opportunities, and secure ultimately a new position that aligns with my goals. Colin K.


I really enjoyed the sessions with Kate. She made me feel very comfortable, which then led to me giving my all to the questions she threw my way. As a result, Kate has helped me handle/look at situations in a way I wouldn't have without these sessions. Kate really goes above and beyond, even once I had finished our course she still constantly checks in to see if there's anything further she can assist with, which is a nice support net to have.


I have tried counselling and coaching before but I have never found someone so practical and capable of letting you reflect, turn your thoughts into actions and put you back in control of your own life. 6 sessions with Kate and I feel a new adult/professional!!

Specialist areas
Assertiveness Career Direction Confidence Employee Engagement Motivation Networking New Role Outplacement Personal Impact Presentation Skills Procrastination Resilience Time Management Transition Wellbeing Work/Life balance
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