“Not that I’m going to live through something exactly the way anyone else has, but the purpose of the map is to show us how. And then I take my own steps.”
– from Storycatcher by Christina Baldwin

Over the years many clients and colleagues have asked “what’s your story?” or “what did you do?”

I’ve always tried to respond instinctively, never knowingly holding back, and yet these attempts never seemed satisfactory to me; never adequately acknowledging the love from those close to me, and the wisdom from guides and mentors; never quite capturing the richness, confusion, joy, bliss of the journey.

I’ve tried writing several times, always a struggle, often tending to pomposity it seemed to me. I think I’ve found a medium that works and my story so far is now in the short video below. It tells of the cycle of my own time, of finding and accepting my Self, of answering the questions that I think underlie those my clients ask: Who am I? Why am I here? Who can I become? What is my work?

And so I hope that you see me as a fellow traveller in the kind of journey you might be taking. How might you overlay your own story? What moments in your journey would you select and what is the narrative thrust that underpins them?

Some prompting questions:

  • What’s your story, your potential, your bliss?
  • What steps are you taking?
  • What moments of transition have there been or might await you?
  • Who is there to support and guide you?
  • What will allow you to be open to that support?

“The very act of telling your story possesses power. It is through the act of telling and hearing stories that we become inspired. We can envisage a better life for ourselves. The end result is, in fact, that we become courageous. Then a curious thing happens. Our actions – our individual act of courage – are what lead to a ‘healing in the land’, that is, the transformation of our world.”
– from Do Story by Bobette Buster

Alastair Kidd is an Accredited Executive Coach, many seek him out as they look to map and navigate an adaptive or step change, or a liminal period of uncertainty and confusion between what was and what is to come.