This is my third article from “On the road to success”.

First article:  Fear: The wild horse that will make you win the race.

Second one: Why is failure your best currency to buy success?

Let me start by making an important distinction:  Self-confidence is different from self-esteem. You can deliver an amazing performance and still feel like crap inside. A self-confident person is ready to rise to new challenges, seize opportunities, deal with difficult situations. Self-esteem is our cognitive and, above all, emotional appraisal of our self-worth. Two completely different concepts.


Here are 7 habits / steps that are critical to generate deep self-confidence.

1.Play in a different league

Drop your cheap habits, they only bring you average results. If you want to raise your game, then get inspired by world-class high performers. Find them, read from them, listen to them. Where can you start now?  Right after reading this article.

“All confidence is acquired, developed. 

No one is born with confidence.”

David J. Schwartz

This is a call to action for you reading this article. Wherever you live, whatever your self-confidence level is: what can you change today to play in a higher league? We both know that you can achieve a lot more. No doubt. The only question is when? When do you start? When? Take 30 seconds and make a commitment. Don’t postpone, just do it now.

It is time for you to stop travelling in second class and upgrade to first-class.

First class is what you are really capable of achieving.

2. Stop following the followers: Create your own path.

Each morning at the same time, a man walks past a watchmaker’s store. This man is important, he is in charge of setting the clock at the city’s main factory. It is an important job because this clock indicates when workers should start, have a break and stop working. This man has always been adjusting the factory clock based on a smaller clock in the watchmakers’ front display. One morning, the man notices the smaller clock is a few minutes early, he stops in front of the store and asks the Watchmaker what is going on. The Watchmaker tells him that he has not adjusted his smaller clock in a few days, because he, in fact, always looks at the factory clock to adjust his own clock.

3. Use your Energy wisely

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength is the result of repeated habits.  Energy comes in and comes out. If you feel weak today, there is an energy imbalance.  You give away too much and resource yourself too little.

If you sleep too lightly, don’t exercise much, have bad eating habits: You give very little energy to your body. If you spend time with uninspiring people, your self-talks are negative and you never help others, your emotional energy will be low.

Choose wisely how you want to spend your energy. Resource yourself with what makes you feel strong mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

4. Learn every damn day

Your focus determines your reality. If you focus on trying new things and widening your world, then you will acquire new skills. See below the 4 critical steps to follow.

  • Take action: Learn from your failures.
  • Stay in action: Keep learning – Adjust your actions – Develop your skills
  • Stop -Take time – Observe the results of your actions – Grow your self-confidence.
  • Repeat

Reading self-help books will not take you to the next level. Action will. Failure will. Raising your competence will.

Staying in the game will bring you results and this will generate deeper self-confidence

5. Self-Integrity: Get in the matrix

Your self-integrity is one of the most powerful tools to generate a massive self-confidence boost. It goes like this: Whatever you tell yourself you will do – you do it. No excuse. Or just don’t commit at all if you cannot deliver.

6. Get in the danger zone

Self-Confidence is acquired. While you need comfort and certainty in your life, too much of this leads you right to boredom.

Courage is the first step. Success requires you to overcome challenges, resolve difficult problems. Staying in your certainty zone will fuel poor self-confidence.

For self-confidence to grow, feed it with new exciting actions – Actions which will teach you something new.

7. Watch your attitude

Be the energy you want to attract. Watch the way you dress, you talk, you walk. Be in the shoes of the High Performing Human Being you aspire to be. People will feel your intensity before you even speak.

High Performers are prepared. You should always turn up well prepared – To the best of your abilities.


Call to Action:

I dare you to take at least 1 action and stick to it.

All successes start with a very first step/change – What is your very first step today?

Alex Kergall supports his clients to raise their game. They are Elite Athletes, Executives and Emerging Leaders. What do they all have in common? A deep desire to grow.